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  • Linex Tape Measure 5m Blk/Yllw EMT5001

    Code: LX46020
    Pack size: Each
    57 Stock Available
  • Road Measurer Metric Yellow 308425

    Code: SBY05275
    Pack size: Each

    Metric precision measuring wheel with ergonomic grip. Adds when wheeled forward, subtracts in reverse making it easy to correct if you overshoot. Fold away stand and quick release brake for pauses in measuring. Folding handle. Carrying bag supplied.
  • Stanley 100/30 Metre Tape Measure 2-34-791

    Code: SB34791
    Pack size: Each
    4 Stock Available
    Stanley open reel fibre glass tape 30 metres. Washable blade is non corrosive and resists fading. Printed on both sides. Bi-material grip for comfort. Fast rewind crank with rotating fingertip knob. High impact, high visibility ABS case.
  • Stanley 12in1 Multi-tool and Pouch 0-84-519

    Code: SB84519
    Pack size: Each
    15 Stock Available
  • Stanley 3 Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set 0-65-012

    Code: SB65012
    Pack size: Each
    28 Stock Available
    Stanley 3-Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set 0-65-012. Chrome plated bar and magnetic tips. Parallel: 3.0mm x 65mm. Flared: 6.5mm x 100mm. Phillips: PH.2 x 100mm.
  • Stanley 3 Piece Pliers Set 0-84-114 (Pack of 3)

    Code: SB84114
    Pack size: Each
    2 Stock Available
    Stanley 3-Piece Pliers Set 0-84-114. Heat-treated carbon steel forged pliers, with ground heat-treated cutting edges for durability and accuracy. Set of 3 contains: Slip joint pliers - 152 mm. Long nose pliers - 152 mm. Diagonal cutting pliers - 152 mm.
  • Stanley 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set 1-66-039

    Code: SB66039
    Pack size: Each

    Stanley 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set 1-66-039. Swivel-head handles provide precision and reach. Tough, plastic handles with soft cushion grip for comfort. Plastic storage case included. 1.4mm Standard, 2.0mm Standard, 2.4mm Standard, 3.0mm Standard.
  • Stanley 8 Metre Tape Measure 0-30-656

    Code: SB30656
    Pack size: Each
    81 Stock Available
    Stanley 8 metre tape measure manufactured from corrosion resistant lacquered metal. Features bi-material case for improved grip and tru zero hook for accurate internal and external measurements.
  • Stanley 8-Piece Metric Hex Key Set 0-69-251

    Code: SB69251
    Pack size: Each

    Stanley 8-Piece Metric Hex Key Set 0-69-251. High tensile steel. Comes in folding open case. Sizes 1.5 mm to 6 mm.
  • Stanley Adjustable Wrench 150mm 0-90-947

    Code: SB90947
    Pack size: Each
    19 Stock Available
  • Stanley Adjustable Wrench 254mm 0-90-949

    Code: SB90949
    Pack size: Each
    26 Stock Available
  • Stanley Fibreglass Claw Hammer 16oz Grey 1-51-529

    Code: SB51529
    Pack size: Each
    66 Stock Available
    Heat treated and rim tempered high carbon steel head for durability and safety. Fibreglass handle absorbs shock and vibration. Textured rubber for comfortable non-slip grip.
  • Stanley Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver 0-68-010

    Code: SB68010
    Pack size: Each
    14 Stock Available
    Ratchet screwdriver with a patented bit storage for easy access. Supplied with 10 bits.
  • Stanley Retractable Tape Measure With Belt Clip 3 Metre 0-30-686

    Code: SB30486
    Pack size: Each
    373 Stock Available
    Ergonomic and durable textured case for non-slip grip. Features a blade lock and belt clip. 3 metres (10FT).
  • Stanley Retractable Tape Measure With Belt Clip 5 Metre 0-30-696

    Code: SB30696
    Pack size: Each
    85 Stock Available
    Ergonomically designed 5 metre measuring tape. Durable, textured case for non-slip grip. Blade lock and class II EC accuracy. True zero hook for accurate measurement. Metric measurements only.
  • Stanley TLM 99 Laser Measure Yellow 1-77-910

    Code: SB77910
    Pack size: Each
    24 Stock Available
    Laser Measure with a working range of 30 metres. Illuminated screen, for ease of use. Laser class 2. IP40 rated.Pythagoras function.
  • Universal Drain Grab 150x150mm 315142

    Code: SBY27577
    Pack size: Each
    3 Stock Available
    Clean out drains, pipes, wells, septic tanks, etc. quickly and easily with this effective tool. Universal grab, cleans effectively in both round and square pipes. Size 150 x 150mm.