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  • Barton 4 Sided Mesh Platform Truck Green TT4S

    Code: MJ32120
    Pack size: Each
    Platform truck with 150mm high drop down mesh side panels. Also features large pneumatic wheels for use on rough terrain and a maximum weight capacity of 250kg. Dimensions: W625 x D1140 x H960mm.
  • Barton P Handle Sack Truck Red PHP TST

    Code: MJ32115
    Pack size: Each
    P handle sack truck. Robust sack truck with P shaped handle for single handed use. Pneumatic wheels are ideal for rough terrain. High concave frame is ideal for taller loads. Maximum weight capacity: 200 kg. Dimensions: W540 x D475 x H1310mm.
  • Barton Silver and Blue 3 Shelf Trolley With Chrome Handles PST3

    Code: MJ32118
    Pack size: Each
    Three shelf trolley with a chrome finish frame and pressed steel shelves with a non slip surface and scuff resistant corners. Fitted with 100mm non marking wheels. Maximum weight capacity: 120kg. Dimensions: W470 x D725 x H950mm.
  • Fort Mobile Steps 2 Tread Full Handrail WS512

    Code: GA41886
    Pack size: Each
  • Fort Mobile Steps 3 Tread Full Handrail WS513

    Code: GA41887
    Pack size: Each
  • Fort Mobile Steps 4 Tread Full Handrail WS514

    Code: GA41882
    Pack size: Each
  • Fort Mobile Steps 5 Tread Full Handrail WS515

    Code: GA41883
    Pack size: Each
  • GPC 2 Tier Platform Trolley Plastic GI915Y

    Code: GA71934
    Pack size: Each
    Ideal fop use in shops, schools, hospitals and warehouses. This trolley is lightweight, strong and easy to clean and resistant to acids and alkalis. Features non marking wheels and has a load capacity of 200kg.
  • GPC 3 Shelf Service Trolley Black GI341L

    Code: GA71501
    Pack size: Each
    Ideal for use in workshops, storerooms and warehouses. This multi purpose trolley is constructed from a non conductive material and is unaffected by battery acid, solvents and cleaning solutions. Maximum load 120kg. L610xW458xH840mm.
  • GPC 3 Shelf Service Trolley Grey HI424Y

    Code: GA27041
    Pack size: Each
    GPC 3-Shelf Service Trolley. Grey service trolley with aluminium uprights, three shelves and four non marking castors. Overall Dimensions - W410 x D800 x H790mm. (Supplied without buckets to order see GA27042). Colour - Grey.
  • GPC Aluminium Lightweight Folding Trolley GI001Y

    Code: GA71494
    Pack size: Each
    A multi position trolley for a multitude of uses. The handle is adjustable is adjustable and the base will expand or contract to suit different loads. Made from aluminium, it will not rust and has corner buffers for added protection. Maximum load 150kg.
  • GPC Blue and Yellow Large Folding Box Truck GI041Y

    Code: GA71590
    Pack size: Each
  • GPC Box For Folding Trolley Grey 359287

    Code: GA27916
    Pack size: Each
    Folding Box. For use with the folding trolley (GA27031). Simply clips on to the top platform to provide a secure way of transporting smaller items without risk of them falling off the trolley.
  • GPC Clever Trolley With Folding Box 359286

    Code: GA27031
    Pack size: Each
    Clever Trolley with Folding Box. Lightweight folding trolley that can be collapsed easily with one hand operation. Supplied complete with one folding box which clips onto the top platform. Load Capacity - 20kg. Overall size - W470xD110xH670mm.
  • GPC Folding Lightweight Trolley GI002Y

    Code: GA71491
    Pack size: Each
    Designed with a flat base made from pressed sheet steel, covered with non-slip, non-marking PVC surface. The trolleys fold and unfold in seconds and can be stored in a limited amount of space. Maximum load 150kg.
  • GPC Folding Lightweight Trolley GI003Y

    Code: GA71492
    Pack size: Each
    Designed with a flat base made from pressed sheet steel, covered with non-slip, non-marking PVC surface. The trolleys fold and unfold in seconds and can be stored in a limited amount of space. Maximum load 300kg.
  • GPC Grey and Red Large Folding Box Truck With Lid GI042Y

    Code: GA27040
    Pack size: Each
  • GPC Medium Duty Three Way Truck GI135Y

    Code: GA27004
    Pack size: Each
    GPC Medium Duty Three Way Truck. Multi-purpose truck that can be easily converted to a 4 wheel sack truck or platform truck. Features include 2 x 200mm rubber tyred wheels and 2 x 125mm rubber tyred castors. Maximum load 250kg.
  • GPC Sack Truck Aluminium GI991P

    Code: GA71936
    Pack size: Each
    Manufactured from aluminium making these trucks both lightweight and strong. Folding foot. Load capacity 200kg.
  • GPC Sack Truck Compact Aluminium/Black GI960Y

    Code: GA71528
    Pack size: Each
    Manufactured from lightweight aluminium. The folding toe and extendible back makes this unit easy to use. Completely folded the truck is easy to carry and transport. Maximum load 90kg.
  • GPC Sack and Case Truck Blue TS139H

    Code: GA71498
    Pack size: Each
    Designed for carrying sacks, cases, crates and parcels. This lightweight, strong truck is finished in epoxy powder coated Blue. Maximum load 150kg.
  • GoSecure Double Sack Holder Silver SH2SIL

    Code: VP33029
    Pack size: Each
    Mail sack holder manufactured from strong steel, with four rubber tyred swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability. Holds two mail sacks. Dimensions: W790 x D400 x H1115mm.-NB. Sacks not included."
  • GoSecure Large Trolley MT3

    Code: VAL06853
    Pack size: Each
  • Mesh Sided Platform Trolley 317413

    Code: GA71932
    Pack size: Each
    Platform trolley with mesh surround. Platform is manufactured from pressed steel sheet. Fitted with all round buffering and complete with a half drop side. L870xW560xH570mm.
  • Pneumatic Tyre Sack Truck Red PTST

    Code: MJ32114
    Pack size: Each
    Pneumatic Tyre Sack Truck. Concave framed truck fitted with a solid toe plate. Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg. Ideal for use in warehouses and stockrooms. Dimensions: H1155 x W550 x D450mm.